August 13, 2022

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Whooping crane fledging at Horicon a hopeful milestone

In April, a pair of whooping cranes geared up a nest in the expansive wetland at Horicon National Wildlife Refuge.

About mid-April, at minimum just one egg was laid.

In mid-May well, just one tiny chick hatched.

And to the delight of the universe, this summer months the youngster fledged and has been observed flying and feeding with its parents as recently as mid-August.

The caramel, white and black-coloured colt is learning to be a wild whooper in Wisconsin.

The growth is sizeable in lots of regards.

For the whooping crane, an endangered species battling to maximize its numbers, each and every particular person additional to the flock is critical.

Arguably, wild-generated offspring these as this a person – named W13-20 by researchers – are even more crucial for the foreseeable future of the species than captive-reared birds.