February 9, 2023

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What should I know about SEO?

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What is SEO: Everything You Should Know! About It - BrandBurp - MediumIf you have a website or you are training to become a digital marketer or you want to market your products online, one of the terms you are likely to come across is SEO. Thus, you might be wondering what SEO is and what are the major things that you should know about SEO? This article will discuss the most important things that you should know about SEO.

What is SEO?
SEO is an acronym that means Search Engine Optimization. Billions of searches are carried out on the Internet each day. These searches bring out information that is linked to other websites. Most people will have to click on the link that shows up in the search results to get the information they want. However, most people only click on the first few results that show up on the first page or worse case second and third page. Thus, those that their websites show on the first page for regular searches get huge traffic from search engines. Regular searches in the last sentence are often referred to as keywords. Keywords are what people are likely when they need information. Thus, if your website is along the line of that type of information, you try to imagine what people are likely to search for when they need information that is on your web page.

They could then use it as keywords in articles on their websites and other articles that lead to their website. That way, when people search for that keyword, that article will be one of the results, and if it is well optimized, it might show up on the first page. Hence, people will be able to see the article and subsequently link to the website of the individual or organization. Other ways to find keywords include to start typing something related to your niche on the search engine and suggestions will come out. Those suggestions are what people search for mostly when they want related information. There are also some tools and software that can help with suggesting relevant keywords.

What are the major things to do to make my website Search Engine Optimized?
There are some things you can do to make your website search engine optimized. Some of those things are explained subsequently.

The most important thing about search engine optimization is content. The purpose of a search engine is to link people with the information they are looking for. Thus, when you do not have that information at all on your website, it would be almost impossible for search engines to link people to your website. However, when related information is available on your website, then that page of your website should rank somewhere in the search results. It could be on the first page or the last page, but it should rank.

The use of links can also help your website to rank higher. Hence, you should link to content on other websites on your platform while also trying to get links back to your website from other websites. You should ensure the websites you are linking to and linking from are high domain authority (DA) websites. You could use a reliable link management platform to know which websites to link to, link from as well as which websites are linking to your website and linking from your website. The higher the number of high-quality links you have, the higher you would rank based on that criterion on search engines.

Length of content
The length of content is also important in search engine optimization. In most cases, it is recommended that your content should be at least 500 words. The longer the content, the higher it would rank on the search results. Thus, you might want to aim for contents that are higher than 500 words.

Bounce rate
Another thing to do if you want your website to rank highly on search engines is to ensure that people do not leave your website the moment they click on it. That sends an indication that they could not find the information they were looking for on your website. Thus, to avoid that, ensure that your website loads quickly. If your website is loading slowly, many people are likely to close it and try other ones. Also, try to avoid click-baiting. Click baiting is using a sensational headline that would make people click on your website, only for them to find themselves in a page that has something different from what they saw on the link. They would immediately leave and it would rank your website negatively for search results.