September 21, 2023

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sunglass Frames for All Occasions

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When people go through their substantial celebrity-sighting roster, their devoted fan base, as well as the frequency of run-ins with their signature mirrored-lens frames; it is pretty hard to believe that most sunglass brands have been around for many years.

It is also wild to consider that most of these brands have not left their home base yet, at the same time, achieved international recognition not usually achieved by Paris, London, or New York-based companies – let alone brands that are only in this kind of business for less than a decade.

But if you look at social media pages like Instagram, you will stumble upon a wide range of unimpeachable cool people who have used signature brands of frames into their looks. These companies are doing something right. Listed below are some tips on how to find the right pair of sunglasses that suit your needs.

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Do not concern yourself with what is trendy

Eyepieces like sunglasses are less reactionary to trends compared to ready-to-wear items. Whereas trends in apparel come and go on a seasonal basis, there is a much slower burn when it comes to sunglasses body. People can say mirrored lenses are trendy, but they are already trendy for ten years in reality.

There are longer trend cycles in the eyewear industry. That is partly because of the long manufacturing process. Handmade frames will take around six months to make. That is why companies home in their own signature and aesthetics, compared to following what is trendy on the horizon.

For a lot of experts, it has always been about mixed materials and round shapes and how it can build on these traits as well as being ahead of their competition on-trend cycles. A lot of brands are now making frames out of strong materials like titanium with a bit of metal.

That is what we are seeing more in some collections. Another thing people can expect in the near future is the use of nylon lenses. Individuals can actually carve interesting things with them. Not only that, designers are psyched about the rectangular shape we have seen on celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Universal shapes with a very edgy look, as most experts describe it. No one knows what will happen in the future; it may be coming soon to stores sooner than later.

Treat these things as “IT” pieces

Eyepieces like Oakley Glasses are the new handbags. Individuals want them to be in their selfies; individuals want it to feel pretty unique. But as soon as all their friends have these things, it is saturated. It goes back to the idea of reproving fashion trends. To choose the right frame, it is best to look for products that you will wear all year long.

A sunglass you can incorporate into your wardrobe for many years to come. To encourage the shift in consumer behavior, a lot of brands moved away from doing biannual collections. Instead, they release new designs in a drop structure: more often in smaller quantities.

Use lens shapes as guides to try modern or new styles

When it comes to sunglasses, people are creatures of habit. Once they find shapes they like, they stick to them for many years. But most brands want shoppers to try things outside the box if only these things are less intimidating than they appear. For example, people might be intimidated by mixed-material and brow-heavy frames, but they might have the same shape as regular aviators, and they would look just as good as other bodies. It is still the same identity as its core.