October 3, 2023

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National Motor Club Review – What is the National Motor Club Anyway?

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This articles was written to provide a brief overview of National Motor Club (NMC).

NMC is a recognized provider of emergency roadside assistance. The company also offers other travel related services.

They are based out of Irving, TX and were founded in 1956.

In the early 90s, the company was purchased by Jeff Jensen. Jeff is one of the executive offers of the Jensen Family Organization (JFO).

JFO was founded by Jeff’s father, Ron Jensen. Ron has an accomplished 50-year history of building successful company after company in the direct sales industry. His track record began when he told a $5 million dollar insurance company is Iowa called Life Investors, and turned it into a $20 billion enterprise.

Like most of JFO’s companies, National Motor Club is a direct sales company. They hire sales agents to sale their services and pay them a commission.

Their emergency roadside assistance offers common services available with other roadside service providers such as battery boosts, tire changes, freeing stuck vehicles, lock services, and towing services.

But what sets National Motor Club apart from other roadside assistance services are the other services not offered my leading roadside assistance companies.

For example, they also offers part delivery and part installation services. If your vehicle breaks down and it needs a part, not only will NMC deliver the part to you but they will also install it if desired!

National Motor Club has all the major components that a direct sales company needs to truly make their mark in the marketplace and when you position yourself in a company like this, you can create true life long success.

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