October 3, 2023

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Does Rolls-Royce Silent Shadow Trademark Foreshadow an EV?

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Photo credit: Rolls-Royce

Picture credit: Rolls-Royce

From Autoweek

Shadows aren’t know for getting loud, but Rolls-Royce could have an excess peaceful shadow in the operates, even quieter than a regular Silver Shadow. Silent Shadow is the name the Anglo-Germanic automaker trademarked in Germany, as noticed by i4 Chat discussion board member giga_earth, and it right away prompted speculation of an future electric luxurious yacht.

In many means the marque is well-suited for an EV. Just imagine about it: Rolls-Royce autos are currently expensive, so the EV hardware would not even go the needle much when it arrives to rate. And they are currently weighty, so the automaker will not have to fear about control excess weight. Most effective of all, the hardware is currently readily available to its company proprietor, the BMW Team. Rolls-Royce vehicles are also fairly massive, so the batteries can also be big and major, probably adequate to give the vehicles an market-foremost variety if preferred, a thing additional than 500 miles on a solitary charge. And due to the fact a good deal of Rolls-Royces shell out time idling in Shanghai and Moscow visitors, they do not require Ludicrous acceleration all that regularly, and can get by with something just beneath 7 seconds to make the sprint from to 60. Which is quick plenty of for electric motors to assure.

And Rolls-Royce autos presently use their peaceful operation as a providing feature, to the place that the automaker has to fret about building a sensory deprivation chamber, which can make driving in fast paced city environments a tiny disorienting for the driver.

There is one particular far more issue, and it is really not as tangible as the other elements but is probably even extra important.

Rolls-Royce consumers also need that coveted environmentally friendly cred normally avoiding CEOs from staying witnessed in Rolls-Royce cars, even even though they can be pushed in Mercedes-Maybach sedans that are just as highly-priced, in particular when armored. A “inexperienced” Rolls-Royce, for that reason, would be the most effective of all worlds, its prospective buyers much less most likely to be shamed for their choice of wheels since it would not be powered by a fuel-gulping 6.8-liter V12.

If there is a single shred of question we have about Rolls-Royce actually employing this title, as opposed to simply registering it, is that it’s a very little far too redundant and a little as well obvious. Granted, it’s much better than something like i-Phantom, a system that much much too a lot of automakers have adopted, mimicking the Apple pc naming conference from the late 1990s, but it could be a small as well on the nose.

On the other hand, the return of the Shadow identify would be a fitting nod to Rolls-Royce history.