February 3, 2023

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A Guide in Choosing the Best Diamond Shape that Looks Good on your Finger

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Best Engagement Rings For Small Fingers | Victor Barbone – Victor Barbone  Jewelry

Choosing the best engagement diamond shape that looks good on your finger for your significant other tends to be tricky, since we all have different body structures and different sizes of fingers. So, choosing a diamond engagement rings store is important because there are certain rings that each store may or may not sell. 

Diamond Rings for Short Fingers

When your partner has short fingers, then you would want to choose a diamond engagement ring that would make it appear longer and leaner. 

If you want to achieve this, you should get a vertical-set, elongated diamond shape like an Oval, Pear Shape or maybe even Marquise because these shapes tend to help create an illusion of length, making the fingers seem longer and slimmer than they actually are. A cut that could also achieve this kind of outcome would be emerald cuts, just as long as the stone is not too big.

As for the band of the ring, a narrow band will help their fingers seem longer because they reduce the coverage area of a band. 

You want to avoid wide and thick bands if your partner has short fingers and shy away from cuts that have a wide surface area like the Asscher, Princess Cuts and any overly large diamonds.

Diamond Rings for Long Fingers and Diamond Rings for Thin Fingers

You have a lot more freedom in choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring for your partner when they have long fingers, from the bands and even the diamond itself. There are a lot of bold and creative styles that would look stunning on long fingers that may or may not have the same effect when you compare them to all the other finger types.

Princess Cut, Asscher Cutm and the Cushion Cut would look stunning on long, slender fingers, especially when they are paired with hre bold setting like a tension style. High-quality Round Brilliant Cut coils also look exquisite but you should also take this opportunity to make a statement and turn heads by choosing a stunning and unique design.

You have less things to worry about when your partner has long fingers, but you should stray away from anything that would make your soon-to-be-fiance’s fingers slimmer and longer. Vertically-set cuts like Pear, Oval, and Marquise should be avoided because they may not draw the attention that they should. Things bands are included.

Diamond Rings for Wide Fingers

One thing that you should remember in buying your partner’s engagement ring is that, the larger width of the finger, it would take away from smaller rings and diamond cuts quite easily, that is why having chubby or thick fingers may or may not present a problem when you are buying rings. A small ring and a thin band could accentuate the thickness of the finger.

Rings for chubby or stubby fingers need to be large and show less skin in general, especially on the sides of the stone. 

This would then depend on your budget because high carat diamonds would look better and tend to have more prominence over the finger itself. There are certain settings and styles that would have the ability to make the ring look larger and draw more attention. An example of this setting is the halo style ring because it gives a smaller center diamond a larger appearance and it would enhance the sparkle. 

Another kind of setting that you may or may not use would have to be the three-stone and the cluster settings because they do a great job at accentuating the ring and divert all of the attention away from the finger.

You could discover the right diamond ring for your or your partner’s hand by discovering and understanding what handshape you or your partner. Take notice of the size of their hands, like are they on the bigger size? Smaller size? Or do they seem long and slender? Do they have larger knuckles or a larger finger size? 

These are just some of the important factors that you need to remember when you are looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring for your significant other which is why it is vital to take into account the unique shape and features of your partner’s hand before you go ring shopping.