October 3, 2023

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Per Diem Nursing In Mississippi

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Before getting a job it’s wise to learn about them. As a nurse, there are several nursing jobs you can choose from. One of the nursing jobs that nurses can apply for is the per diem nursing job. Check on the 

top per diem RN jobs in Mississippi and you can see a lot on the list. Here are 6 things you didn’t know about per diem nursing in Mississippi.

What is Per Diem Nursing?

Per diem nursing is from the word “per diem” which means for a day. Most assignments given to them are only for a day or even shorter than a day such as 12-hour shift shaft or 8-hour shift. Per diem nurses serve as replacements for nurses who are not able to come for their shift for any reason or nurses that are on leave. To avoid staff shortages per denim nurses are called to cover shifts of nurses who are not able to come for their shifts. 

Do Per Diem Nurses Make Their Own Schedule?

Per diem nurses are handled by a staff nursing agency and can choose their schedules. They are allowed to decline shifts on the time they are not available. Which means they are free to choose their schedule. They can work straight if they want to take all the assignments offered and they can take a break if they have other plans that they want to finish or accomplish. 

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Per Diem Nursing In Mississippi

1. Works with More Than One Medical Facilities 

Per diem nurses will get the opportunity to work in different medical facilities. And per diem nurses can work with more than one agency. This means they can get more assignments, if one agency can not provide assignments all-year-round then a per diem nurse can get an assignment from her other agency. The good thing about working under a staff nursing agency is that you can get more assignments since they partner with several medical facilities local and international. 

2. Per Diem Jobs Can Make you Earn more 

The hourly rate of a per diem nurse is higher than that of regular nurses which means you can still earn more compensation despite not working on full-time employment. Per diem nursing jobs have higher hourly rates since they are not entitled to benefits, giving them higher hourly rates compensates for the benefits they are not given. Per diem nurses can also earn more since they are assigned to different places. Different locations have different rates and there are areas where medical facilities pay higher. If per diem nurses are assigned here they can earn more. 

3. Opportunity to Choose Specialties 

Nurses have specialties too, they can advance their career by choosing the skill they love the most and focusing on it. Once they have determined their specialization then they can get paid higher once they are assigned to different medical facilities. As a per diem nurse, nurses can get a lot of exposure to different tasks and departments. By this setup, they can have a chance to determine if they are comfortable with the task given to them. They can then choose which one fits them best. So in the future, they already know what specialties to push forward to and make their specialization. 

4. Per Diem jobs can Improve your Work and Life Balance

People who have hectic schedules have a hard time balancing work and other important things in life. But with a per diem nursing job, a nurse gets to control his schedule according to the plan that he has to accomplish. Since he is allowed to say no to an assignment he has the freedom to make a schedule he can follow to give priorities on things that matters most to him. He can then have a work and life balance with this kind of job. 

5. Per Diem is Different from PRN 

PRN means “pro re nata” which means “as needed”. PRN nurses follow the schedule given by medical facilities to them while per diem nurses don’t follow any schedule but instead wait for assignments given to them. Another thing about PRN is that they are employed by a unit while per diem nurses are not directly employed by a medical facility. 

6. Per Diem Nursing Job can be a good way to Cope up with Ever-changing medical Field

In the field of medicine changes always occur and they are fast. As a per diem nurse, you will have the opportunities to explore different tasks as well as increase your knowledge on using equipment and devices used in different medical facilities. Another thing to consider in the medical profession is keeping it active. If you want to be active and want to accomplish other things then a per diem nursing job is perfect. Since you can still make your profession active despite not practicing it full time. 


Hope these 6 things you didn’t know about per diem nursing in Mississippi can help you better understand what a per diem nursing job is.